The way we see it, planting trees is not just our job, it’s our responsibility as inhabitants on earth. As our ecosystems are depleted by deforestation our atmosphere is becoming weaker and weaker. According to environmental statistics, all earth’s rainforests will be destroyed by the year 2120. With each tree planted we are doing our small part to revitalize our planet, detoxifying the precious air we all desperately rely on. Our purpose for giving back goes a step further. Twisted Roots Nursery cultivates its trees in a sustainable manner, utilizing only the resources needed to produce a healthy, well-established tree. Automated irrigation and anti-leaching practices ensure that we are conserving water, reducing runoff and avoiding groundwater contamination.

Our tree nursery is located in Gonzales, Texas but don’t worry about the drive! We partner with landscaping companies all over the state. Partnering with reputable landscaping companies allows us, as a wholesaler, to get our beautiful, healthy trees into your yard! Did you know that planting trees around your home will not only look inviting; having trees as part of your landscape, increases your property value, reduces your energy bill (in the winter too), buffers noise, creates wildlife habitat and even reduces stress and anxiety.

Twisted Roots Nursery grows and wholesales Texas native tree species included but not limited to: Live Oak, Cedar Elm, Southern Red (Spanish) Oak, Texas Ash, Black Cherry, Mexican White Oak, Shumard Oak.

Interested in working with Twisted Roots Nursery? At Twisted Roots Nursery we believe true success is a result of integrity, purpose, and perseverance. It is through these three pillars that we are able to serve our customers with a quality product while restoring our precious planet. With each sapling, shrub or tree planted we’re doing our part to promote improved air quality, combat erosion, and create animal habitats. By aligning ourselves with employees who share these same values we’re creating the perfect trifecta of prosperity for our planet, customers, and employees alike. Call to apply.

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