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Twisted Roots Nursery

At Twisted Roots Nursery we believe true success is a result of integrity, purpose, and perseverance. It is through these three pillars that we are able to serve our customers with a quality product while restoring our precious planet. With each sapling, shrub or tree planted we’re doing our part to promote improved air quality, combat erosion, and create animal habitats. By aligning ourselves with employees who share these same values we’re creating the perfect trifecta of prosperity for our planet, customers, and employees alike.

"There are no rules here-- We are trying to accomplish something." -- Edison

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Lungs of our Planet

About 5% of a tree is made up of leaves. Through the process of photosynthesis, the leaves absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O), combined with the energy of the SUN (92.96 million miles away), the tree creates chemical compounds such as sugars and starches to feed on. A spectacular byproduct of this air purification process is Oxygen (O), which is then released through the leaves.

It is proposed that one large tree can provide a day’s worth of oxygen for up to four people.

It is also proposed that in one year a mature tree will purify roughly 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

The Amazon Rainforest produces more than 20% of the world's oxygen.

Twisted Roots Nursery

Deforestation Facts

Sadly, deforestation is still a prominent worldwide issue, one we should all be concerned about. On average, 80,000 acres of forest disappear EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's an astonishing 15 billion trees per year. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, only 1.9 billion trees are planted each year, worldwide. That's a delta of 13.1 billion trees! At this rate, there will be no rainforests by the year 2120. Over 30 million species of plants and animals will be dead or displaced.

Twisted Roots Nursery

Building a sustainable future

  • At Twisted Roots Nursery we are working hard to maintain a sustainable Earth for generations to come. As each tree is planted, we're doing our small part to detoxify our air and regenerate our most precious life source.
  • Using the latest innovations and technology available, we are able to provide our customers with healthy, established trees. Controlled release fertilizers with polymer coating technology prevents leaching, providing the tree with an efficient amount of nutrients. Automated controls for irrigation are used to prevent over/under watering and the waste of water runoff.

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